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Memory Owl

A new and unique method of learning times tables.

Memory Owl is a new way of learning times tables by turning numbers into characters who interact in Memory Owl's wood.
Children can learn short, silly stories instead of learning numbers by rote.
Ideal for all children and especially those with dyslexia, dyscalculia or just those who find remembering numbers tricky.
Available as a book, colouring book, teachers’ resource pack, flash cards and sn interactive web app.
This method varies from other methods on the market as NO NUMBERS are mentioned in the stories.
Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Available world-wide! If you are not based in the UK, send us a message.


You can watch all the Memory Owl videos on our YouTube channel. Click here to open YouTube.

Memory Owl Numbers

How the Memory Owl numbers work.

Memory Owl Stories

The 2x table stories.


Become a Memory Owl School

Become a Memory Owl School and have unlimited access to cut-price books and website resources (including online stories and quizzes). Join for as little as £150 per year. Member Schools can buy cut price books which can be sold on to parents to reduce the member cost and even make a profit for the school.
You can sign up for immediate access by completing the Subscribe page, or please contact us with any questions.


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Happened to be speaking to some friends of mine who were raving about a certain charismatic woman. Said woman had developed a fantastic way of teaching times tables and that their two children were now confident and clued up on their tables and asked to look at their book every night!

My 6 year old son has ADHD and is on the Autism Spectrum, causing many struggles with his learning. I have been amazed at how this book has captured his attention and given him times table success. For us this book is fun, stress free learning and that’s priceless.

Susan, we LOVE LOVE LOVE Memory Owl!!! My 3 year old is reciting it and for Isaac it has reinforced his number knowledge and confidence. We look at it every day and the kids are so keen to go through it.

Even my 11 year old couldn't put it down. Once you get the idea of the objects and characters representing numbers, the idea it's easy... Shoe is two and hen is ten etc. Brilliant for children who struggle with numbers, and others to cement their knowledge.